KidStart specialises in educational services for children between the ages of 18 months and older.
KidStart Junior Academy Aims to provide quality child care and therapy, using a low arousal approach, while identifying and educating children with language, learning and behavioural difficulties. Our approach gives emphasis to structured and holistic teaching strategies, early intervention and research based methodology: AIMS (Awareness, Interest, Movement, Sensory Support System) TEACCH (structured classrooms, play areas, visual support) Floortime strategies, Gemiini video modelling.






The directors of AIMS Global, Karla Pretorius and her colleague, Nanette Botha have developed an intervention according to the needs of children with specific learning patterns.  Karla and Nanette have done extensive research with adults on the autism spectrum and related disorders to establish a program that is appropriate, accepting and stimulating to increase learning opportunities.

Private AIMS trained tutors, facilitators, Aupairs, nannies other additional services that families may require

Additional speech and OT services

Junior School

18 months to Grade 3

KidStart offers different options to cater for specific needs of children and parents
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